Boerenlandbouwconference 2023

BEWARE! REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! From 16 11AM onwards. The Saturday programme and the Friday evening programme are fully booked. For the Friday day programme we have some spots for spontaneous arriving people. Please register yourself at the info desk at the entrance.

Are you a farmer or aspiring farmer who wants to meet your fellow agroecological farmers? Are you active somewhere else in the food chain and want to learn about the perspectives of agroecological farmers? Come to the farmers’ agricultural conference!

The farmers’ agricultural conference will take place on Friday 17 February and Saturday 18 February in Amsterdam. Register here.

Friday 17 February’s day program is all about exchange and learning. With workshops on the solidarity payment system, activism, soil biology, nitrogen in the BD, the participatory guarantee system, animal welfare, agroecological horticulture and much more.

In the evening, we will enjoy a nice agroecological meal and chat with drinks and music and an open stage for your farming stories.

On Saturday 18 February, there will be a farm visit and farmers’ fire (boerenvuur).


Friday 17 February:

Farming Conference

9:30 walk-in 10:00 welcome and start plenary programme
Eva Meijer is a philosopher, artist, writer, singer-songwriter and postdoctoral researcher. Recurring themes are language including silence, madness, animals and politics. She writes columns for NRC and is a member of the Meersoortig Collectief. Dido van Oosten is co-founder of Stichting Kapitaloceen which buys land free for very extensive agriculture, in fact from the moment it is bought a small group of humans and a large group of non-humans live together. Eva and Dido engage in a dialogue about what it means to build a relationship of integrity between humans, nature and animals.

11:00 workshop round 1
Click here for an overview of the workshops

12: 30 Lunch
14:00 follow-up plenary programme
Marrit Schakel is a farmer, cheesemaker, anthropologist, chair of Stichting Stadslandbouw Amsterdam and (bio)diversity activist. Using the story of her cheeses, Marrit talks about the role and importance of diversity in agriculture.

14:30 workshop round 2
16:00 follow-up plenary programme
16:30 Drinks

Evening programme

17:00 – 21:00 with music, meal, conviviality and agricultural stories

Saturday 18 February:

10:00 – 14:00 Farm visit and campfire
At 10.00 we will be welcomed with coffee and tea at Boerderij de Meent in Amstelveen (Middenweg BP 6). After coffee and tea, we will be given a tour of the farm and the story of the Meent will be shared with us by Marten Verdenius & Eugene Marty. Then we will all work together to make and place additional wooded banks on the farm. We will conclude our visit with drinks and lunch around a farm fire where we will dialogue with each other. Farm de Meent puts social and ecological values first. De Meent is a welcoming place outside the city where space is provided for social target groups to develop further. They do this by jointly producing high-quality, local and sustainable food for social projects in the city; such as shelters, drop-in centres like the World House. At De Meent, they strive to maximise social profit.

Note! We have limited space for both Saturday and Friday. Sign up soon!

The farmers’ agricultural conference and evening programme will be at Ru Paré, Chris Lebeaustraat 4 in Amsterdam. Saturday’s farm fire will take place at Boerderij de Meent, Middenweg BP 6 in Amstelveen.

Participation is with a solidarity payment according to ability to pay. You will find more information about this in the registration form. For the farm fire, we ask you to bring something to eat or drink for the potluck lunch.

About the organisation
The farmers agriculture conference 2023 is organised by the Federatie voor agroecologische boeren, a collaboration of the BD vereniging, de Biotuinders, het Biovegan netwerk, het CSA netwerk, de Permacultuurtuinders and vereniging Toekomstboeren.

Sign up
We have limited space for both Saturday and Friday, so sign up soon! You can sign up here.