Bridging Generations in Agroecology (BAG)

Partners: Schola Campesina, Dememter, Ziarno, interAFOCG, Hochchule fur nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

This project raises knowledge and skills in the field of agroecology and exchange on facilitation methods of knowledge transmission
between generations and sharing in those fields. It develops educational methods in the field of agroecology, including
the method “farmer to farmer” as an example of a tool used to disseminate knowledge and folk high school pedagogy. It also gives an updated overview of the existing mechanisms of knowledge transmission in agroecology in our countries. as well as policy recommendations for policymakers, through a publication on agroecology and online films and podcasts. A transnational exchange allows to get a wide overview of the problem and accomplish
effective and concrete results.