Dinsdag 15 April- 15:00 ‘Filling the gaps in protecting human rights in a diverse rural world’

Those who live in the country-side are diverse. Their identities are dynamic and fluid. They face similar systemic challenges for the realization of their human rights, and yet crucial challenges remain specific to certain groups. International human rights law has made progress in acknowledging this diversity by recognizing the rights of specific groups in instruments such as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and The Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Living in Rural Areas (UNDROP), as well as in relevant International Labour Organization’s conventions. However, the fragmentation between international human rights, international labour law, and international environmental and climate law, and relevant policymaking remains an important obstacle for ensuring the full enjoyment of the human rights of diverse rural people(s) and for addressing the systemic transformations that are needed to overcome the multiple crisis, we are facing in our times.  

This webinar intends to discuss how to advance a mutually supportive interpretation of UNDRIP and UNDROP. The idea is to move towards overcoming fragmented readings of UNDRIP, UNDROP and environmental and climate agreements.

In a context of system transformation based on people’s sovereignty, autonomy and self-determination, we would like to contribute to build larger convergence of movements.

Register and participate: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85125500729
More info: https://www.fian.org/en/news/article/peasants-saving-the-planet-feeding-the-world-2744