WE ARE  farmers, and we are passionate about farming. But more importantly, we are a growing and flourishing network of farmers for the future. Amongst us are agricultural newcomers, as well as established farmers who are exploring new ways of farming. We are pioneers in new models and methods, such as community supported agriculture, permaculture and growing special breeds and varieties. We work in harmony with people and nature to practice agriculture and create food systems which benefit both farmers and citizens alike.

FARMERS FOR THE FUTURE  is the translation of Toekomstboeren; the name of our Dutch association. Toekomstboeren gives these farmers for the future a voice and supports them in their struggle. Because it is not easy being a farmer: land is expensive, regulations are strict and policies more suited for large-scale industrial agriculture. That is why we focus on sharing positive examples of alternative solutions: to support our members in achieving their farming dreams, and to inspire others to do the same.

WHAT WE DO  is driven by our members. We give voice to their needs and wants, and rely on their skills and capacity to make things happen. As a young organisation we want to grow organically and make sure we stay closely connected to our members. We focus on a few key topics and develop structural programs of activities, which are always open to change and development:

  • Access to Land
    We organise landmarkets: an original concept which aims to motivate landowners to create space for new farmers and facilitate successful matches. The demand and access is shared on our website.
  • Connecting & knowledge exchange
    We feel that our members are the best experts, and  we want to offer everyone a chance to tap into this collective wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Sharing inspiration & best practices
    We focus on positive examples of alternative solutions, and want to inspire others by sharing these stories. Part of this is publishing special themed magazine editions.

We think it’s important to contribute to the international movement by joining other networks. Currently, we are an aspirant member of La Via Campesina, and soon to be member of the Access to Land network.

Want to join us or work with us? Find us on Facebook and get in touch via info@toekomstboeren