Food System Change Online Congress (March 22nd-24th 2021)

Our food system is not sustainable. The current global crisis draws attention to this fact more than ever. The Food System Change Online Congress will highlight solutions to this problem by presenting decentralized, bottom-up initiatives from all over Europe, which push for a sustainable transformation of the food system. Taking place via live online transmission from March 22nd to 24th, the event will enable people from all over Europe to come together and discuss the innovative approaches taken. The goal in sharing ideas and networking between the pioneers is to support and implement more projects of this kind in Europe and therefore promote the food system change. 

The congress is free of charge and open to everyone. In each of the five different sessions niche innovations in the European food system are presented by the pioneers themselves followed by a 50 minutes Q&A session and discussion with one further scientific/networking expert in the field. Topics discussed here include amongst others climate-friendly and sustainable farming methods, innovative financing systems or building sustainable communities through Bio-Districts. In four panel discussions we aim to discuss in depth the potential of open source solutions in the food and agricultural system, how to build regional networks, how to make an impact on politics and further synergies/networking potentials as an outlook. Last but not least in session 4 a closing declaration of the congress will be elaborated on and discussed in a group setting and signed at the end of the congress by all parties interested. Should you be unable to participate, you can head to to watch recordings of all the sessions and panels after the event is over.

The Food System Change Online Congress is an initiative by NAHhaft e.V., Germany. NAHhaft is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable food strategies through research, consulting, education and networking. With the help of partners from science, civil society, politics and administration, sustainable food systems are promoted.

Date & Time: March 22-24, 2021 from 9am to 5.30 pm 

Language: English 

Facilitators: Ribana Bergmann, Liddy Piweck