For sale : agricultural company in organic polyculture-livestock farming (France)

The farm is located in an ideal place for organic polyculture-livestock farming. The wooded countryside landscape has been preserved and enriched, as the agronomic potential of the soil and it’s 20 minutes far from school, health and cultural facilities.
We cultivate a variety of plant species (cereals, peas, mustard, …) allowing good crops rotations.
Limousin cattle are needed to optimize land use and to improve soil organic manure. The investments made, made it possible to produce high quality products with a high value in organic and niche markets (GOP of € 54k / labour unit). Currently, 4.5 labour unit are necessary for the proper functioning of the company and can be housed in direct proximity (3 houses available and
Since its creation, many evolutions have been made within the company. They are factors of economic development and professional fulfilment. Nowadays a lots of agronomic and economic
possibilities exist and other market opportunities are currently available. It will be a pleasure to impart my savoir-faire and knowledge of the territory to buyer(s). Take the plunge, come settle in Limousin, the least polluted region of France!
* GOP = gross operating profit

1st Contact: ADEAR Limousin +335 87 50 41 03 or contact [at]