26 October Places of Hope & Resistance in Nijmegen


Welcome to Places of Hope & Resistance by Toekomstboeren & Aseed (known from the Food Autonomy Festival or Reclaim the Seeds). We are happy to invite & welcome you at our first pilot! 

This initiative is meant to bring farmers and activist closer together. For farmers it is sometimes hard to leave their farms and find time for activism and activist have a high chance to overwork themselves. Both could use a place and some company to regenerate. Places of Hope & Resistance likes to create this place, so we all go home stronger at the end of it. However, since this will only be the first gathering there will be an open conversation to get your input in what exactly you need or wish for from this project. 

For this first event we have been invited to come and help out Vera & Fernande from CSA ‘t Heerlijke Land in Malden (close to Nijmegen) on Wednesday the 26th of October. They have a few bigger tasks for which they could use some extra hands, and would also love to show you what is being done there to ensure this piece of land protects and regenerates the climate and biodiversity. 


10.30 – 11.00 Walk-in & introduction round
11.00 – 11.30 Introduction CSA ‘t Heerlijke Land 
11.30 – 15.30 Helping on the land (e.g. weeding, composting & maintenance of pathways)
<Break for coffee/tea & cookies>
15.45 – 17.30 Open conversation about Places of Hope & Resistance & closing

From 18.30 there will be Soepcafé in “de Klinker” (Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen) where people can have a vegan dinner on donation basis (happens every Wednesday, and is no official part of the day). “De Klinker” is a part of  “de Grote Broek”, a legalised squat which has been a pillar of activism in Nijmegen for around 40 years. Would you like to know how you can get involved in climate action? Supporting refugees? Coming up for trans rights? Abortion rights? Or do you need a roof above your head and are you open to squatting? Then come and join the Soepcafe at de Klinker afterwards.

We would like this project to be inclusive. Do you need anything specific to be able to participate? Is it hard for you to physically help, but would you still like to contribute? Or are you missing any information? Don’t hesitate and feel free to send us an e-mail! 

Please register for the event as we have a maximum capacity of 20 people.

CSA ‘t Heerlijke Land
Address: Sint Jacobsweg 13a, Malden (Nijmegen)

How to reach: 
By Public Transport: From Nijmegen CS: Take bus 6 (direction Dukenburg) to Archimedesstraat (8 minute walk) or bus 83 (direction Gennep) to Scheidingsweg (9 minute walk). It’s a +-15 minute bike-ride from Nijmegen CS.

Cars can be parked for free on the premises. 

p.s. of course there will be time for you to eat your lunch, however there is no lunch provided from the project. Tools, coffee, tea and cookies will be available for everyone! Don’t forget your rain clothes and bring a pair of sturdy shoes/boots!