La Fonte (Modenese, Italië) zoekt beheerder

Fattoria La Fonte, an organic farm on the Modenese Apennines in Italy, is looking for young people that would be interested to rent and in co-management (being entrepreneurs together) carry on the farm. We, Paolo and Berbera, have created a stable for goats of 500 square meters, a dairy, a slaughterhouse for poultry, a storage and packaging area for potatoes. The farm can be expanded with pig breeding in the wood, meat processing, vegetables, ancient fruits and chestnuts. There are already about a hundred goats, poultry farming, fields planted with potatoes. The commercial activity is on the markets and organic shops.
Governing the farm could offer an opportunity for those who want to make a sustainable social and agricultural choice, to get back to socializing after they have led us to be perfect individualists, for people with the determination to be protagonists of their own lives in a healthy, uncontaminated environment, surrounded by nature (900m above sea level). For those who have not exceeded the age of 41 there are possible interesting European funds. If interested you can contact us by email at, tel. +39 335 13 68 294; Fattoria La Fonte, Via Monteforte 1690, 41055 Montese (MO)